Objects currently for sale from Fabb Fads.

Every single FABB FADS item is unique, a one-off piece of art, designed and decorated by emerging designer and furniture artist, Janis Smith, who specializes in the unusual and the beautiful. All of these items were once unwanted and discarded, they have been rescued from going to the rubbish dump and have been transformed into the quirky, the wonderful and the most extraordinary. Now highly desirable objects once more, they are seeking a new owner.

Everything we create for sale is listed on Gumtree and various local sale groups on Facebook but the best way to stay up to the minute with new items for sale is to “friend” us on Facebook. Our “First Dibs” policy means we post all our new items on our Facebook page initially, 2 days before we advertise them elsewhere, in order to give our loyal followers the early bird chance to purchase our much sort after creations. We also post updates as we start new projects and updates on their progression on Facebook, and at this point fans of our work often send messages asking to be told when an item is finished, or even make an offer, before it goes up for sale. So, if you like what we do, there are a lot of advantages to following us on Facebook, especially as our popularity is gaining momentum, and items are being snapped up by eager followers. We are also on Twitter, if you wish to follow us there too.

It has to be remembered that all our creations begin as pre-loved items, which have often suffered wear and tear, and aging. Far from new items they are often rather tattered and torn when we receive them. Although our revitalising techniques give them a whole new lease of life, occasionally signs of their original state may be retained – we see these as the individual quirks of each piece, a part of its history. It also has to be noted that as vintage pieces sometimes they can be rather fragile, so please bear this in mind when purchasing an item. We will always point out anything we feel is important to know about a flawed or fragile piece.

Below you can find our current items for sale. We also list our items by group, and do browse our “sold items” to see past projects.  If you are interested on an item below, get in touch via our contact page. We also consider commissions.

The Alice Mannequin

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This is the second in the FABB FADS range of collectible mannequins. Named, numbered and catalogued, these unique decoupaged mannequins are hand crafted by emerging designer and craftswoman Janis Smith. Created over the base of a salvaged vintage mannequin this item of rubbish has been transformed into a work of art. Hand-cut decoupaged, with reproductions of original John Tenniel Alice illustrations, extracts from the original first edition and including photos of Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll (Rev Charles Dodgson). The stand has been transformed with our own FABB FADS “Alice Blue” chalk paint and has mask work of ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and a tumbling Alice. The tissue decoupage on the legs was designed and produced by Janis specifically for this piece. This is a one-off piece of artwork — a must for any ‘Alice’ fan or admirer of Janis’ work. (The Alice tables and chess set featured in these photos is not a part of this sale).. Click here for more…


 If you are interested in purchasing this item please message us via the contact page.

The Shipping Forecast Dining Table


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This is a uniquely decorated second-hand table. The top has the complete shipping forecast around the edge with the inshore waterways around the table top. In the middle is the saying ‘north, south, east or west, wherever you roam, home is best’.

The pedestal has decoupage fish and further decoration.

160cm Diameter 74cm high to the table surface.

This is totally unique and you will not see another like it… (click here for more…)


 If you are interested in purchasing this item please message us via the contact page.

The Tea For Two Table

'Tea for Two' table

Another intricately decorated piece by Janis Smith. The ‘Tea for Two’ table was completely decorated with Fabb Fads own chalk paint. The quotes and decoration are masking work in contrasting grey and yellow with tissue paper decoupage work on the legs… (click here for more…) 


 If you are interested in purchasing this item please message us via the contact page.

The Hot Pink Chair

This is the second one of two early chairs by Janis Smith. This was painted with the Fabb Fads own hot pink chalk paint and decoupaged with peacock feather tissue to echo the Peacock Chair. Another original and one-off work from the Fabb Fads workshop… (click here for more…)


If you are interested in purchasing this item please message us via the contact page.

 If you are interested in purchasing this item please message us via the contact page.