SOLD: The Alice Chess Tables

Not for Sale

I had been planning an Alice themed chess table for a very long time, in fact, I actually purchased the chess set on eBay over a year ago. The artwork was printed on tissue paper and decoupaged onto the tables. The paint used was FABB FADS’ own-made chalk paint (see future blog on how to make this), plus metallic acrylic. The varnish used was Polyvine decorators varnish plus their hard wearing wood varnish for the table tops themselves.

The writing aspect of the project I reproduced on tissue paper from a 19th century facsimile of Lewis Carroll’s original handwritten manuscript, and the pictures are from John Tenniel’s original illustration and other sourced or self-created artwork. The chess squares are made up from silhouette work and book covers from the many, many copies of Alice that have been produced over the decades, all miniaturised and transposed onto tissue paper.

Unfortunately, this item is not being offered for sale but is merely shown as an example of my work. I will be creating similar pieces in the future, and these will be for sale. I do also consider commissions. If you have any questions about this set of tables, or anything else, please comment below or contact us via our contact page.

Peggy P x 

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