SOLD: The Alice Mannequin


The second of our themed mannequin creations. Carefully selected, hand cut graphics are individually placed and decoupaged onto the mannequin to give the over all effect. We then build up layers of varnish to achieve a remarkable depth and sheen to the finished piece which enhances and draws out the colours of the decoupage to achieve a truly remarkable work of art.

The illustrations were taken from Sir John Tenniel’s originals, along with a mixture of text from the first edition and in-house designed quote presentations. The tissue paper created for the decoupage on the stand was also designed and created in-house, making this individual piece even more special and unique. The wooden stand being finished in  FABB FADS own  mix chalk paint in Alice Blue and Cream.

All our mannequins are unwanted discards saved from being sent to the rubbish dump, and thus their core material varies from fiberglass to polystyrene, as does their age – this particular mannequin base was a 1950’s/60’s one. Our mannequins go from being  items unwanted  junk to be transformed into unique, numbered, collector’s pieces. These are individual works of art, I will only ever do one of each design so you are assure there will never be another like it!

Although this Mannequin is sold  I am constantly designing new ones, as I rescue more of the bases, so do keep an eye out if you have a fancy to own one of these unique beauties. 

Peggy P x

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