Mannequin Victorian

Our Mannequin range began as a random experiment but has turned into one of our favourite things to create. A top seller, we recommend that you don’t hesitate if you spot one you fall in love with, as they often get snapped up before they are even finished! Created upon rescued mannequins of varying ages, they are individually themed. The decoupage is hand cut and carefully hand crafted into place upon the model to give an overall vision that is undeniably captivating. You can look at a finished mannequin for hours and still there is something new to see. They look fantastic in the home, or add a unique attraction to any business. All catalogued, named and numbered individually, these are truly special artistic wonders, collectors pieces of the future. We can certainly imagine a few of these turning up on the Antiques Roadshow in 50 years time.

The Alice Mannequin

This is the second in the FABB FADS range of collectible mannequins. Named, numbered and catalogued, these unique decoupaged mannequins are hand crafted by emerging designer and craftswoman Janis Smith. Created over the base of a salvaged vintage mannequin this item of rubbish has been transformed into a work of art. Hand-cut decoupaged, with reproductions of original John Tenniel Alice illustrations, extracts from the original first edition and including photos of Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll (Rev Charles Dodgson). The stand has been transformed with our own FABB FADS “Alice Blue” chalk paint and has mask work of ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and a tumbling Alice. The tissue decoupage on the legs was designed and produced by Janis specifically for this piece. This is a one-off piece of artwork — a must for any ‘Alice’ fan or admirer of Janis’ work. (The Alice tables and chess set featured in these photos is not a part of this sale).. Click here for more…


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