Mailing List

edfd4b41c014b7552fa7f5885bca44b3--mail-delivery-art-postalWe find the vagaries of social media highly frustrating when it comes to keeping in touch with our friends, followers and customers. Motivated by the continual drive to sell you advertising, we are highly aware that all the social media sites withhold much of what we post in order to pressurise us to buy advertising space, but as a very small company, with extremely small profits, we find this impossible given our budget restrictions. We would, in an ideal world, avoid using social media altogether, but it is almost impossible in the 21st century to not have a presence there, it is rather expected of a business. To counteract the fact that many of you will not see 100% of what we post elsewhere we offer a mailing list service. If you sign up here we promise we will not share your information with anyone else, nor will we inundate you with emails – what we will do though is email you about every new item we put up for sale, plus give you regular updates on projects and whatever else we are up to here at FABB FADS, so you can be certain never to miss a thing. In fact  you will be the very first to know, as we will put things out to our mailing list friends before they are posted anywhere else, which will certainly give you the edge when we put items up for sale.

Signing up is easy, just fill in the form below and we will do the rest – you can also request to leave the mailing list at any time 🙂