About Us

Us CollectiveFABB FADS is the combined creative hard work of husband and wife team Teddy & Peggy (aka Nicholas & Janis Smith), with the occasional input of their inseparable pair of rescued sighthounds (Pippin the Wonder Dog and Thomas the Tank), doing their thing with rescued furniture and other discarded treasures they happen to come across. When not creating something from nothing for FABB FADS, Peggy can be found in her other guise as the novelist Janis Pegrum Smith or the four of them will probably be off on an adventure  somewhere in their caravan, Queenie…Tea for 2Based in Norfolk, UK, this couple are passionate about rescuing the things other people throw out and turning that trash into treasure; what started out as a bit of a hobby has become a way of life. Together this dynamic duo aim to buck the trend of our modern consumerist, throwaway society, turning back the clock to a make-do and mend mentality…bureau snap

Committed to salvaging all they can from going to landfill, the pair recycle, reuse and repurpose in the most imaginative and unique ways, creating new and extremely desirable treasures from other people’s junk. We will be posting pictures of our projects, hints and tips, and hopefully buckets full of inspiration to encourage others to also go out and create something from virtually nothing. If you go to any local municipal dump, the things people throw away every day is absolutely horrendous to watch — good, reusable items you can source for free or for a very small amount of money and transform with a little canny know-how.


If you like what we do, but don’t have the time, or perhaps the inclination, to make it yourself, most of what we make is for sale, so if you see something you would like to buy  please let us know via the contact form.

Enjoy 🙂carvana

Teddy, Peggy & The FABB FADS Hounds x